Validation error



I have tested few domains with Let’s encrypt configured on All of them report error:

Revocation status:
_Validation error _
OCSP ERROR: Exception: Read timed out []

Is there some problem with OCSP server?

Problem with

check the index site here.

Service disruption !




I am having problems with cert generation too, see - it seems they’re occasionally online and then down again… my issue will be different to yours but it looks like a LetsEncrypt problem opposed to a client side one.



Similar problem here. I can’t get
I receive this as a response:

An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.5df01202.1495177010.29048906


On index site is just info about disruption of for certificatie issuing. Status website says that all ocsp servers are runing byt they are not - we also encounter errors:

Revocation information OCSP
Revocation status Validation error
OCSP ERROR: Exception: Read timed out []

Some browsers reports websites with lets encrypt certificates as unsecure with this error:

Site not secure
The following problem(s) were found:
(1) Unable to verify the website’s identity (OCSP error)
(2) Online certificate validation (OCSP) for an element in the page failed


All working for me.
Tested all OSCPs.
Perhaps a browser problem ?
What browser did you use to test ?



I saw that error in older Opera 12.18. It seems to be strange that older browser is more sensitive than e.g. Chrome which does not report anything about unavailable OSCPs. Error still persists in Opera and also in SSL LAB - check the latest result (I clicked to clear cache)

SSL Report: (
Revocation status Validation error
OCSP ERROR: Exception: Read timed out []


Yes we received same issue.

There are any news about ?


I see that,
but using firefox latest with active OSCP validation it works.
I’m located in europe.
Perhaps a routing (BGP) issue ?


This error is a result of an ongoing service disruption. Please follow for more information. We should have all of the remaining issues resolved shortly.

In the meantime I’m going to lock this thread since there isn’t a need for further discussion on this particular error. Please open a new thread if you need to resume discussion.

Thanks for your patience, we apologize for the disruption and I expect more detailed root cause information will be shared in the near future.