V1 -> v2 migration questions

We developed, and use, our own client based on the acme-v1 spec.

Now that acme-v2 is out, I have two questions that I haven’t been able to find anywhere:

  1. Is there a support timeline or EOL planned for the v1 endpoint? I couldn’t find this anywhere. Do we need to upgrade? If so, by when?

  2. Are there any migration guides or migration tips/tricks for client developers?

Our system is Python based, so I can rip stuff out of certbot if needed. I really don’t want to upgrade this if I don’t have to (we don’t need wildcards through this system, so I haven’t bothered to upgrade)

From ACME v2 API Staging Availability (Jan 2):

And from https://letsencrypt.org/2017/06/14/acme-v2-api.html :

We are not setting an end-of-life date for the ACME v1 protocol because we don’t yet have enough data to determine when would be an appropriate date. Once we’re confident that we can predict an appropriate end-of-life date for our ACME v1 API endpoint we’ll announce one.

As far as I know they didn’t made another announcement since.

That’s correct. There remains no planned EOL date for the v1 endpoint at this time.

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Is there any way to prod someone for an official statement on the main site outlining a planned minimum?

While the above is comforting to hear from someone at LetsEncrypt, it would be really great if the org itself said “barring a security issue or our dissolution, v-_ will remain live until at least ___.” or even a stated policy of something like “there will be a 1/2/etc year notice of deprecation when we decide to end support for an endpoint.”

yup! A notice like this will be posted once a timeframe/date is decided.

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