Using Webmin with Virtual Hosts... something wrong with one of the certs

ok so the whole FQDN is why i set it as in the first place… but i guess that means i can’t use it as one of the vhosts then??

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You can, but it can get complicated to use the same name to address the host and also a service within that same host.

It is much simpler to give them different names.


got it
and thanks again, you’ve been super helpful
so now when i go to login to webmin i get the browser privacy error again because it’s on a different port is there an easy way to fix this?


note: changing the ServerName worked (just not for when you add the port)

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or maybe i will just have the webmin login on the 443 port…
or is that not advised for some reason?

What is the URL with the privacy problem?

NEVER add a port to a name.
[names are names - ports are ports]

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All logins should be secured - so yes, use 443 (HTTPS) for your logins.

yeah so i just changed the webmin login port to 443 but it seems to have broken it… i’m checking the config via terminal now…
i’m just getting the apache/centos default page

oh yeah so that port’s already in use … got a “failed to bind” error when restarting webmin

What port was it before?
[put it back for now - get it working]

default… which is 10000

OK then you just need to somehow apply TLS to port 10000 / Webmin.
Or proxy to 10000 through 443 …
[that’s another topic]

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well i changed the port in the config file to 443… that got me the binding error… so i changed it to something else (since 10000 is the default and probably attacked often)
proxying seemed to be the common answer when i first looked into this

That will only slow them down.
If the port is open to the Internet, it will be found.
It should be secured not obscured.
[but again - that is another topic]

Back to this topic:
How are things going?
Are the sites all working securely?

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good point … so… yeah everything is ssl’ing fine except for the webmin control panel

[in order to make things simpler for those that come searching for help in the future]
Perfect - close this topic
[And open another one for: How can I secure Webmin with an LE cert?]


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