Using keys for Citadel


I would like to use my already existant Letsencrypt keys not only for my Apache server but also for Citadel running on the same server. I’m on Debian if that should matter.

Has anybody done this ? How ? I believe i should link in my Citadel directory to the Letsencrypt-keys. Problem is: Which keys to use ? I tried but until now was unsuccesfull.



Assuming that Citadel will accept standard PEM-encoded key/cert/chain, configure it to look in /etc/letsencrypt/live/{your hostname}/privkey.pem, cert.pem, and chain.pem for those things. When you renew the cert, those file pathnames will remain the same, so no reconfiguration will be necessary. appears to have some information, but makes it look like Citadel expects those files to only be in a certain defined location–idiotic software design if so, but you should be able to create symlinks to the files in /etc/letsencrypt/live/.