Use of LetsEncrypt certificate in Blazor Webassembly project published on ISS in Windows Server

Hi all,
I’m following this solution to use certificate for my Webassembly project. InvalidOperationException: Key type not specified. Microsoft.AspNetCore.ApiAuthorization.IdentityServer.ConfigureSigningCredentials.LoadKey()

If I use a Let’s Encrypt certificate I’ll not have a password.
How can I add LetsEncrypt certificate into appsettings.json?
This is a sample of my part of code to edit with the certificate information, password is required.

     "IdentityServer": {
    "Key": {
      "Type": "File",
      "FilePath": "C:\cert.pfx",
      "Password": "password123"

How can I edit it?

Hi @MarioC

if you use a Letsencrypt certificate and if you create a pfx file, you have a password.

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Where I can find the password?

I guess you’ll get asked for one when you create a .pfx file.

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By chose the option “N: Create new certificate” there is no way to set password, maybe with advanced options (M).

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So… what happens if you leave the password empty in your config file?

You should read the documentation for your acme client.

If you really need to add a password, openssl can do it.

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If I leave the password empty:
info: IdentityServer4.Startup[0]

  Starting IdentityServer4 version

crit: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Diagnostics[6]

  Application startup exception

System.InvalidOperationException: There was an error loading the certificate. Either the password is incorrect or the process does not have permisions to store the key in the Keyset ‘DefaultKeySet’

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I solved by creating a new certificate with advanced options, in this way I can set the password required to use certificate in my .NET Core project.
Thanks for wrote me that also Let’s Encrypt certificate can have a password.
Greetings at all.


That’s not a feature of a certificate.

That’s a feature of the file type you use to store the certificate. If your Letsencrypt client supports such additional options, you can use these.

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