Use certificate on another server


Can I use a certificate that was generated on a server?

Explaining better:

I have an environment like deiba my DNS server and my web servers on Windows and Linux.

I created a Wildcard certificate on my Windows WEB server (* And all applications on this server use a subdomain with this certificate. So far so good.

Now, I must use this certificate in an application that is on a Linux WEB server.
This applies to a subdomain (

Why am I going to need the .crt or pem file and the key. But I don’t know where to find it.

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Hi @kleber07

which Letsencrypt client did you used? Letsencrypt sends the certificate in the PEM format, so that client may have saved the certificate and converted it in a pfx or another format.

Then you can reuse the certificate.

But: You can create 5 identical certificates per week with the same set of domain names.

So it's possible you create a new certificate in your Linux environment. If you don't have a lot of errors, the rate limit shouldn't be a problem.


I used this client on IIS:

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Tutorial to extract pfx certificate:

I did the procedure with the PFX file that is in this folder:
C: \ ProgramData \ Certify \ certes \ assets \ pfx

I followed this tutorial to import into Apache and it worked out.

Thank you so much, Schoen.

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