Updating sites certificate

Hey all

I’ve taken over a project who’s certificate has recently expired. I have access to the site and the server in just about every way SSH, FTP etc.

I’ve found the tutorial here that is applicable to my servers OS etc - https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/ubuntuother-apache

I have logged in to the site via SSH and I have followed the instructions here which all run correctly however my site is still not running on HTTPS, stating that the certificate is expired.

I’ve searched but haven’t found another tutorial to update the certificate, if someone could explain the process or point me in the direction of a tutorial I would be very grateful

Here’s the site I’m working on - https://www.camp-site-finder.com

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What command exactly did you run?

What does this output:

certbot certificates

What are the contents of this file:


Thanks _az - I managed to update my certificate from this! Job done


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