Updating our Subscriber Agreement to v1.2 on November 15, 2017

On November 15, 2017, we will be updating our Subscriber Agreement to v1.2. The currently planned changes are minor and not material for most subscribers.

In Section 3.1 we will be striking the word “sole” in the last bullet point:

“You warrant to ISRG and the public-at-large that You have taken, and You agree that at all times You will take, all appropriate, reasonable, and necessary steps to maintain [struck: “sole”] control of, secure, properly protect and keep secret and confidential the Private Key corresponding to the Public Key in Your Certificate (and any associated activation data or device, e.g. password or token).”

This brings the section in line with updated Baseline Requirements and resolves a concern that some subscribers had about contract relationships with providers.

In Section 3.4 we will be striking the word “exclusive” from the second paragraph:

“We will use technical methods and protocols to verify that You have [struck: “exclusive”] control over the subject Internet domain name. This verification is done solely to assist ISRG in determining whether to issue a Let’s Encrypt Certificate and is not a service being performed for Your benefit or on Your behalf.”

Let’s Encrypt does not verify “exclusive” control and we are correcting the language to reflect that.

That’s it for the planned changes. We reserve the right to make further changes before the agreement is officially updated but we wanted to give people a heads up about our plans. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.