Unexpired Certificate Tipping Point?

It looks like the unexpired certificates has reached it’s tipping point and we may see a level off as users get more consistent with renewals.

I think Lets Encrypt has done tremendously well and I thank you for providing such a great service.

I will be keen to see if this is just a blip (as it is three months from a huge spike) or a general settling.

Look again. :bulb: :wink:

I generally check daily :wink: looks like it was just a technical blip lol

Roller coaster? :wink:

That big jump was a hosting provider renewing a large number of their certificates shortly before expiration. The drop back to previous levels is the expiration of the certificates they were replacing.

At some point I’d like to add another chart, “unique FQDNs in unexpired certificates,” which would smooth out transient blips like this and perhaps give a more meaningful measure.

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