Two hosts, same domain,

Hi there,

I have two hosts running a webserver each.

Both hosts belong to the same domain, say

  • host1.domain.tld
  • host2.domain.tld

Would it be possible to generate a certificate for each of them?

Thanks for any hint



Two separate certificates is trivial ( simply run certbot, or your preferred client ) once on each webserver host.

If you wanted a single certificate, that could be used on both hosts, that’s a little more complicated but still perfectly possible.

I’m assuming you want the first. If you want the latter, let us know and we can provide a more detailed response as to how.

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Thank you, Andy.

Ok, great.

You are perfectly right.

So, it would also be possible to generate a different certificate for (say) www.domain.tld (running on a.domain.tld) without using SAN?




There are rate limits which restrict you to 20 certificates per 7 days for a given domain ( so if you had host1.domain.tld, host2.domain.tld, a.domain.tld, www.domain.tld etc) on separate certificates then you are limited to 20 certificates per week since they are all part of domain.tld. You can spread them out over time if you need to obtain a lot though.


Thank you, great!

I consider this topic solved.


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