Two accounts (many domains) in a Debian Server Jessie

Two accounts (many domains) in Debian Server Jessie
I want to install Certbot to all the domains (40+) that I have in a Dedicated Server.
My doubt is that I left a single domain in the main account and created a Hosting account within the same Server to manage all the others domains.

What dou you recommend?

  • If I install certbot-auto in the main account, It will include the domains of the secondary account (Hosting within my Server) ???
  • Or it is recommended that I migrate all my domains to the main account ???
    Thanks for the help


What kind of “account” do you mean here?

  • ACME account (like in certbot register and /etc/letsencrypt/accounts)?
  • Unix login account?
  • Control panel account?

How do you mean that each account “manages” domain names?

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Hello Schoen
Thank you for your help
I am sorry, you are right, I hadn´t specified what kind of accounts I have
I meant Linux accounts (Debian Jessie) through SSH
I also have both DirectAdmin and FTP accounts related to those Linux accounts
I barely understand Linux, but noticing how simple is the code to install Cerbot, I´m getting involved with Linux in order to install Cerbot.

Thank you again for your help

Are those both on the same server (just with different usernames) or on two different servers?

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Yes, they are both on the same server with different usernames

I guess you use sudo when running Certbot? In that case Certbot is running as the root user in each case, regardless of which user you were logged in as when you ran the sudo command.

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That means that if I use Certbot through sudo, from my main account (Linux) that has only one domain associated, I will be abe to create and renew all the certificates of domains associated to other accounts (Linux) of the same Server?

Or would you recommend moving all the domains to the same account?

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it

The certificates get stored in /etc/letsencrypt, and so they aren’t specific to either account. You should be able to confirm that the same set of certificates is being dealt with either way by running sudo certbot certificates from both accounts. The output should be the same.

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Thank you very much :+1:

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