Creating a secondary account preserving the first account

I have created my first LE account using certbot for my domain(lets say Now I need to create a second LE account using the same domain, If I use certbot commands to create this new account, will my previous account's credentials get invalidated?


Certbot, for the most part, supports using a single account per ACME server, on a single machine. If you have an account registered with, it won't let you register another one (without deactivating the first one anyway).

You are free however, to use a mix of different ACME servers. So you could request one certificate from, a different one from and yet another one from This will work just fine. Each certificate will renew using its respective server and ACME account.

If that doesn't answer your question, it might help to let us know why you want to use different ACME accounts in the first place.

Also, it's totally fine to have two Certbot installations, using different ACME accounts, on different machines, for the same domain

Creating certificate from a new account, won't affect the certificates from the previous account(s).

It should be possible, I've gotten multiple accounts on the staging server at some time.

Probably something like registering account A, move the account folder to a backup location, register account B, restore the backed up folder of account A.

Certbot certainly has the capabilities for choosing an account on the command line when it detects multiple.

@forestgump I'm curious: why 2 accounts for the same hostname?

@_az @Osiris We have an account with higher rate limit than a normal account. We have used our domain( to create this account in (lets say in server01) but now its been used with some other cloud applications, not in the system that we used to create the account. Now we are looking forward to get a secondary normal account and needed to know whether we can use the same domain( in same server(server01) to create this secondary account.

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