Trying to recreate cert for my domain name from another server


I am not sure if I have the right category, but here is my problem.
I had a Cent07 build and used letsencrypt to provide my cert tied to my domain
anyway on new years day my Hyperv hosting server crashed. one of the VMs was a centos 7 build hosting owncloud. I was unable to restore my image to bring back online.

I have since rebuilt my vm environment, and created a new Linux build using UCS server using ubantu, I reinstalled owncloud. everthing is working… however when I tried to create a certificate for my registered domain, from the UCS server console using letsencrypt app, I get this message


Current status of the App

“detail”: “failed check for existing account”,

I assume that this is because I already have a cert created for this domain. I only have one domain.
Also this is basically a hobby, no business.,.
I searched your forum and only found solutions if I still had access to the original server, but I do not.

So I guess my question is how do I reset/revoke my previous cert so I can apply it on my new server? is there a utility I can run or someone I can contact to remove the old cert, of should I wait for it to expire or what? I am dead in the water because it is tied to my only domain and I have no access to the previous server. I hope this makes sense, please advise…


Hi @iSteeb

what client do you use?

Isn’t it possible to create a new account?


I’m using the UCS Let’s Encrypt app on the new server build and that is what I thought I was doing Ie: creating a new account for my domain. it appears to be automated in this app.
my previous build I did this all command line. this UCS system is very user friendly. anyway Im lost regarding certs…

Ubantu is the Linux version
is there something I can run in command line to fix this? remember I’m trying to do this on a totally different server…
thank you do much for the reply?


Or is there a way for me to retrieve my current cert and apply it to my server?


Not very likely, if you could do that, then maybe anyone could do that.
Although it might be possible with the account that created it, the effort is not worth the benefit.
You should be able to create a brand new account and obtain a brand new cert without much effort.
…But I’m not familiar with UCS…
So it might be more complicated that I would expect.
[I would expect for you to be able to basically delete all LE certs and accounts (in UCS) and just start over]


If you have the private key - yes.

But I don’t know this app you use.

You can always start new.


thank you for the reply, but I have nothing created in UCS yet… the app can get past the initial testing check. The app seems to simplify things… not much to configure just domain name and where to apply the cert. I guess I can attempt let encrypt via command line again…



I don’t know if this is a good idea - with some panels this is bad.
But I don’t know UCS…

When you restored your system, did you restore anything related to UCS or LE ?


I did not use UCS in my original build, it was all from scratch and commandline…
Anyway, I think I found the problem, it seems the LE app in UCS needed me to forward port 80 to that server. I finally got a status message back gave me a hint… so I mad an adjustment on my router and viola…

I got the status message


Current status of the App

Certificate refreshed at Thu Jan 10 13:20:07 PST 2019

Ill test it later…

Thanks again…


I just wanted you to know all is good… site is secured… thankyou for your patience…

its all coming back now… :slight_smile:

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