Trusted certificate to ip address

I need to make a SSL connection to a database server using windows server 2019 and postgresql. We don't have a domain in this site, but we have an firewall that redirect flow to the server database port. So, I need do have a Trusted Certificate using the firewall adress. How can I do it without a domain? Tks

Not from Let's Encrypt; they only issue certs for domain names. The likely way to go would be using an internal certificate authority.


Tks, but we need a trusted SSL certificate, because we have external desktop sw access, coming from our clients, through our firewall, to connect to our database server. The clients sw traffic comes with the firewall IP Address, that redirects the access to the internal server adress and database door, that autenticates the user. We are changing the database server to Posgresql, and want to have secure external traffic.

Then the thing to do (which is probably a good idea anyway) is to assign a domain name for the IP and have connections utilize that name. Then you can get a trusted certificate for the name.


Perhaps there are other CAs that will provide trusted certs to IP addresses.
I don't/wouldn't do that, so I haven't looked into it.


You may be best off running your own privately trusted CA to issue the Server Certificate and Client Certificates as well (see PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: 21.12. Certificate Authentication )


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