Trusted certificate for a webcam

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I want to create a certificate for a webcam. Cam should be accessible via
without a error message (untrusted certificate / self-signed cert) or so...

I CAN create a CSR file from the AXIS camera; but how to proceed?

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Hi @fischerandreas, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

I would start at the AXIS support site to see if they have any instructions on how to use a trusted certificate with their camera systems. Ensure you choose a method that can be automated OR you will be stuck doing a manual process every <90 days :frowning:

We are here more to help with obtaining certificates; This is more of a "how to use" a certificate problem - one that is very vendor specific.

Depending on various unknown things...
You might be able to use a design where you put the camera behind a proxy and have the proxy handle the encryption part.


If automation isn't possible, I'm afraid this is also a "how can I manually get a certificate" topic.

Although personally I'd build some script to automate everything anyway, even if I have to make the script use the HTML pages of the webcam :stuck_out_tongue:

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We'll know more once we've heard from the camera support channel(s).
[we'll burn that bridge when we get to it!]


Based on this documentation you can upload a PFX file, which is an archive containing a certificate, intermediates and the private key, also called a .p12 file.

I'm assuming this is it:

@fischerandreas Are you more familiar with Windows or Linux?