Transfer wildcard certificate to CNAME ones

I have 3 subdomains that shares the same wildcard LE certificate.

I’m looking into the feasibility of turning them into standalone CNAMEs ===> ===> ===>

Would the LE certificates keep working? Or is there anything I have to do to make those standalone www subdomains work?

Hi @flamingtop

then you need new certificates with

One certificate with three (or six) domain names or three certificates with one (or two) domain names. Typical solution - one certificate with two domain names:

and I’m not sure if you really want CNAME, not redirect in http level? it doesn’t redirect, just treated as if they have same DNS records with CNAMEed one. visiters will still see in top bar if they connected by that name.

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Yep, that’s a problem. So CNAME produces duplicated content:

Same content found under different urls. So a http redirect is required (and a correct certificate).

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