Trademark policy conformance verification

I would like to add the ACME client I am actively maintaining to the list of clients at . There is a requirement not to infringe the trademark policy of Letsencrypt to do that. I am a technical and not a legal guy, so I am in trouble now. Could someone from Letsencrypt go through quickly on my repo and suggest modification if anything needed to be in accordance with Letsencrypt trademark policy, please?

Hi @bruncsak,

Thanks for opening a thread. I’m not a legal person myself but I believe the only change required is renaming your client to something other than “letsencrypt”. I recommend choosing a name that emphasizes your project is an ACME client and so will likely work with other ACME CAs, not just Let’s Encrypt.

Dear @cpu,

Thanks for the reply. The original upstream project was renamed from to , probably due to . I could do the same on my fork too, but I do not know, is that a safe operation technically? Would that create dangling references, or not?

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Yup! Looks like @josh filed that issue with the upstream project for the specific purpose of addressing the trademark policy conformance.

If you mean dangling Github references it won’t be a problem, Github will serve a redirect to the new project name. I can’t speak to whether there are additional application level concerns but from a Git and Github perspective it should be a safe operation.


Dear @cpu,
I renamed my repository from bruncsak/ to bruncsak/ .
Thanks a lot for your help.


Glad to hear it. Happy to help!

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