Too many pending authz again

My domain is:

We began to receive the rate limit last week and have gone through several attempts to clear out any pending authorizations by pulling the authz URL from our log files but we continue to be rate limited.

Can someone provide how many currently pending authorizations we have as well as any associated dates?


Rate limits are on an account basis not a domain basis.


As @ahaw021 mentioned (Thank you!) the pending authorization rate limit is tied to your account. Unfortunately there’s not an API built in to ACME or Boulder that will let you retrieve the pending authorizations for your account. What ACME client are you using? Do you know what causes it to leak authorizations? Do you suspect it has a bug that means your logs of authorization IDs are incomplete?

If you find your account ID you could DM it to me and I will see what I can find from the server-side perspective.

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