Too many certificates already issued for:


Trying to get a certificate for “” results in the error message above. “” offers a dynamic DNS service, is very popular and therefore heavily used. What can I do to get an certificate for “my” computer?

Can't renew certificates

The provider needs to get their domain on the public suffix list for rate limits to be applied at a lower level. In the meantime you get some other domain that is on there (such as a .tk) and make it a CNAME to the dynamic one.


yeah myfritz is propular enough since the fritzbox can use that as free dyndns service very easily.


So what exactly do we have to do to get myfritz onto that list?


The provider has made a request to be added, however due to the large number of requests made recently the list maintainers haven’t been able to verify and approve them.


AVM, the provider of myfritz, is now on the list since a few days and let’s encrypt provides new certificates - everything’s perfect!


… bad luck: trying to renew the certificate results in:
"There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for:"
So I have to wait :frowning:


It seems plan to relax the rate limit for renewal:


Renewal now works, thanks for support…:relaxed:


Hello @RRFfm,

Keep in mind that is not included in public suffix list yet nor the issue pointed by @Nit has been closed yet, so you simply had good luck renewing your certificate. Right now, nobody can issue a certificate using domain till tomorrow 1st March at 12:28 CET.

Maybe next time you need to renew your certificate, will be in the public list and/or letsencrypt implemented a relaxed policy to renew certificates ;).



@Schroedingers-Cat: AVM has already requested to be included in the Public Suffix List:

But the processing of the list have not anticipated the overwhelming request of additions due to Let’s Encrypt… They are trying to set up a new process to catch up…


Well, I got a renewed certificate, so I can wait 90 days:grin:


The link’s merge request has been merged last month. However, i’m still getting the error message of this topic. What is the problem now?


The Public Suffix List used by Let’s Encrypt is not updated in real-time, but rather periodically (usually every 1-2 months, there’s no actual schedule). The last update was at the end of March, so that commit didn’t make it by a few days. If you’d like, you can subscribe to status updates from Let’s Encrypt, which includes changelogs (or rather a list of commits) for updates made to the CA software. If the PSL is updated in a release, that’ll be included in the changelog.