To Know the Price

can u please tell me how much does it cost for a digital certificate for a year (for a single name certificate)

Let’s Encrypt is free, as in, free beer.

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer certificates with a validity of a year, not even if you’d be willing to pay for it.


As @Osiris mentions (Thanks!) all of Let's Encrypts certificates are 100% free of cost. We only issue certificates with a lifetime of 90 days, not one year. You can't request a Let's Encrypt certificate with any other lifetime.

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It would cost you nothing up front and then at least 3 consecutive renewals down the road (which are all for free) to reach the one year mark.

Let’s Encrypt is free but you would have to renew your certificate multiple times becuase Let’s Encrypt certificates do not last for a year.

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