Tlsa update problem / dane validation

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i have a question regarding the tlsa updates which are required because of e3/r3 etc.

is it enough to add those 4 tlsa records ? because says its broken.
i added those records about an hour ago

It looks like you have a matching DANE-TA (2 1 1) record that will be making things work OK; just updates their data slowly, so they don't see it yet. Another checker,, shows that your domain's TLSA is working. I also did a dig query and it looks to me like it should work.

I think the ideal setup would be to have just a single DANE-EE (3 1 1) record that's for your current certificate. (Your current EE record doesn't seem to match your cert, but having a working TA record makes up for it.) When your ACME client renews a certificate, it should publish a new TLSA record to your DNS infrastructure, and then wait the same length as your TLSA record's TTL (currently 3600 seconds) before telling your mail server to use the new certificate.

That said, I know getting that all set up and automated is a bit of a pain! I haven't done it on all of my personal infrastructure yet.

One shortcut could be to publish TA (2 1 1) records for our R3, R4, ISRG Root X1, and ISRG Root X2 certificates. Those are not guaranteed to be safe for pinning long-term, so please keep an eye on our announcements - but they should be good for a long while.

my provider does not provide an automated way to update the dns records. unfortunately.

Hmm, one way to work around that is to delegate authority - for just your TLSA record - to a different DNS service that does allow automated updates. So: could be an NS record or two pointing to that other service, which would then serve your TLSA records.

Not that simple, but perhaps it'd work for you if you're aiming for stable long-term automation.

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sounds interesting but guess this will be too complicated for me :wink:
i'll just wait until netcup provides a way for automated dns updates.

edit: just noticed i asked the hoster nearly 3 years ago and he said it is in planning. just checked the forum entry. seems like its already released :slight_smile:
i'll test that this weekend


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