TLS/HTTPS monitoring with subdomain discovery - check 170 SSL servers in a minute

We have implemented and stabilize (the harder bit) a new monitoring feature, which uses CT logs to regularly search for all new certificates issued for subdomains of “Active Domains” you specify. This basically means the service works as “set and forget” as new servers will be automatically added to monitoring and status updates.

try yourself for free now -

Please check this video Vimeo video - Active Domains. It is 49 seconds long and shows the strength of Active Domains in the TLS/HTTPS monitoring service we provide free of charge. The video link above shows how we managed to get an almost instant overview of a certain domain with 170-odd servers and almost 40 certificates.

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I'm sorry if I created that kind of impression. I have now added more description in the text, I hope it will make it look more factual.

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