TLS-ALPN-01 support needs to be updated. Under TLS-ALPN-01 it states that

mainstream web servers like Apache and Nginx could someday implement this
It’s not supported by Apache, Nginx, or Certbot, and probably won’t be soon.

In fact, Apache's mod_md supports TLS-ALPN-01, and has for over a year.

mod_md also supports HTTP-01 with .well-known/acme/challenge virtualized (no need for .well-known on disk), and DNS-01.

It's part of the httpd distribution - and the latest version is on github.


Seeing as you're somewhat familiar with Github, you might be happy to learn that the website content is actually open source and accepts pull requests.

You can post this as a new issue and if you're up for it, even fix it yourself.


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