Tld gov support

Is it possible to install Let's Encrypt for gov tld domains.

I believe the answer is "It depends".

Some government agencies have used LetsEncrypt. I know several subdomains at use LetsEncrypt (the base domain does not, but various projects and departments do). You can search and for other agencies in this forum to confirm this for yourself.

LetsEncrypt has a secret blocklist for high-risk domains. They are known to include banking and credit companies, and some online retailers. They are suspected to also contain government domains. The blocklist is secret, and an attempt to procure a certificate for that domain will result in an error code that indicates there is a block on it.

If you encounter that block, I believe you can have it unblocked on a per-account basis by contacting ISRG/LetsEncrypt and submitting additional proof of identity.


There's no restrictions on .gov TLD domains.
Many state and federal websites like and use Let's Encrypt.


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