This community is pure gold!

Although I have already said thanks to the people that helped me out in my thread, I really would like to extend it to the community here.

This community is gold, pure gold. By reading many posts both to try to figure out if I could fix it by myself before posting it here and out of curiosity I have to say that you should be proud of the quality of the contributions you put here.

There are not many places in the tech community AFAIK that would, at the same time, reply to someone’s problem that quickly and with complete answers, I mean, not a computer-kind of answer “you are doing it wrong.”.

Keep it up, you are making the difference, really!


True! This community never disappoints me, whenever i get to a point where i am not able to think of anything i always come up here, i would like to thank each and everyone who helped me.


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