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I have a question If it is possible. I have appliance of NextCloud with Lets Encrypt certificate, it is WAN addresss with https port. So now I have the same WAN address with other port for OnlyOffice server and it needs to be certified. Only Office server is running on Ubuntu. Is it possible to use certificate from Lets Encrypt for the same WAN address with other port?

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Hi @jarous

yes, that's possible. One certificate, created via port 80 / 443 validation, then used with mail servers, Ookla Speedtest or the internal Plesk-, cPanel or VestaCP - ports.

Start there

Then select a client.

Typical clients install the certificate only on port 443. So it's possible there are additional steps required, so OnlyOffice is able to use the certificate.

Check the OnlyOffice - documentation if there is an integrated client.

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The crucial identity inside this type of certificate is one or more SAN dnsNames, which are Fully Qualified Domain Names like or mail-server-four.mycompany.example from the Internet’s Domain Name System.

In essence it identifies a machine by its publicly agreed name.

The certificate is good for any type of TLS service (including all HTTPS) where this FQDN matches the name that client software expects to connect to, regardless of port numbers, IP addresses, or any network configuration.

It is also OK to have Let’s Encrypt issue two certificates for the same name, to two different services which share that name if you find it’s difficult to arrange for them to share a certificate. Because the name is the same, a bad guy who successfully steals the private keys from one of these services could impersonate either of them, but so long as both are properly secured this is a reasonable decision. But, there are rate limits for the Let’s Encrypt service, if you suspect this use will expand so that you begin to need three, four, five different certificates issued for the same name in the same period you should stop and examine the current Let’s Encrypt rate limits and re-consider your plans.


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