The certificate is only valid for *

Hello, I successfully created a LE certificate using the DNS challenge for * I used that for my nextcloud instead of the normal challenge, because my ISP blocks forwarding of port 80 and 443 on my router. On the router I have exposed two other ports, which redirect to 80/443 on the inside network. Now, when I visit my site on firefox gives out an error and says the certificate is not issued to, but the certificate is only valid for *
Is there a way not to get this error?

A certificate valid for * does not include The way wildcard matching works is that * matches and, but not itself.

You can create a certificate which has "DNS Subject Alternative Names" for both the wildcard * and the base domain name.

How exactly you do that depends on the client, but you should be able to ask it for both domains.


Oh, I see. I should have created a certificate for instead of the wildcard. (assuming I don't want to use sub names) Do I understand this right?


Yes, if you're visiting, you do not want the wildcard. You only want the wildcard if you're visiting


That makes perfect sense. Thank you.


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