Thanks for draft-ietf-acme-ari-03 implementation!

Just wanted to give a quick thank-you to @aarongable and the rest of the Let's Encrypt and ACME WG teams! (Only singling out Aaron because his name's at the top of the draft, but I know it's been a group effort with a lot of people.) I finally got around to updating my cobbled-together homebrew hobby client last night, it was a great feeling to delete all the wonky OCSP-structure generation, the grabbing of the intermediate, and the extra call afterward to mark the cert replaced. It addresses a lot of my complaints from my earlier ranting and is looking really great.


And it looks like me finally updating was not a moment too soon; it looks like (if I'm understanding things right) that support for draft 01 has gone away in production as of today. (The announcement said it'd be going away at the beginning of last month, so I knew I was on borrowed time.)