ARI experiences and suggestions submitted to IETF


I finally wrote a letter to the IETF working group about ARI:

It's a little intimidating writing to groups like this, and I hope it's received alright. My hope is to bring to light some experiences I've had as a client developer implementing ARI, and some concerns/issues/questions, both practical and conceptual. I also tried to accurately summarize a few other threads from these forums. Hopefully I was able to communicate them clearly and effectively.

In it, I recommend two alternative approaches to ARI.

If any ACME client developers would like to participate, I'd certainly welcome that.

(Note that IETF WG MLs are not my forte.)


Thank you very much for taking the time to write all that up; and phrasing everything much better than the rant that I would probably have made. :slight_smile:


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