Synology - Multiple servers with same main domain

Hi everyone,

I have domain like and many "sub"domains like and so on.

Actually, the main domain redirect to a VPS with an IP like IP-A. On another hand, I have a Synology server, joinable at, with another different IP : IP-B.

The problem is if I try to get SSL certificate from the Synology, it doesn’t work, obviously because the challenge is sent to, wich reach IP-A, whereas the let’s encrypt request has been sent from IP-B.

What is the simpliest way to proceed with Synology? Generating the certificate from the VPS on IP-A and then export it to the synology? Will I have to repeat this each time the certificate will be renewed? Or another process maybe?

This shouldn’t be the case. When you properly request a certificate for synology hostname, the challenge should verify that hostname, not your main domain name.

However, since you didn’t provide your domain name i don’t think I’m able to help you. Mind providing your domain name?

Well, my bad… I’m pretty sure there was a time where Synology didn’t accept something else than in the “domain” input field. So I didn’t even try…

Everything works fine, thanks for your answer it did the trick even if it was obvious…



Definitely. I’ve also updated the original reply with a screenshot from my own NAS :slight_smile:


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