Support for Mac OS X Server

I hope you’ll offer support for Mac OS X Server


Happy New Year all! So, has anyone been successful with OS X Server? I’m considering taking a crack at it on my install, but would rather not reinvent the wheel.

I already have a Homebrew install and everything installed. While I’m pretty versed in using the CLI for a lot of things, this is my first “nonGUI” attempt at certs. I’m trying to figure out where OS X Server keeps it’s certs that are displayed in the and if it’s possible to add the ones generated outside of the GUI. If so, it should be possible to automate the install/renew with Let’s Encrypt.

For now, I’m only interested in getting this to work on OS X Server’s version of Apache.

This is the furthest I've seen somebody get with Mac OS X Server:

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OK, it’s more than a year and a half and as far as I can tell there is still no support for the Server version of Mac OS. This is a large disappointment.

I know of course that OS X Server doesn’t enjoy a huge market share, but those of us who use it do so because it obviates much of the arcane fiddling normally involved in operating a server. It’s too bad that Let’s Encrypt can’t offer a “no-fiddle” solution for us.

hi @RobLewis

There are clients that support mac server

Why not use one of those?


Come on dude, let’s not do the guilt tripping. I too would like OS X server support for same reasons but calling it a disappointment on what is probably a luxury feature is a stretch isn’t it?

LE is doing a great job solving a major internet issue on what probably are small resources. I donated to their fund to help them along, how about you join in too?

Point taken. But there’s an asymmetry here: the experts at LetsEncrypt could probably come up with a general solution for OS X Server with at most an hour or two of effort. I, who have little understanding of the internal workings of OS X Server (or any other server, for that matter) would have to embark on a major research (and testing) project that would divert me from my real job for probably many hours, and the end result would (if it goes well) be a solution for ONE USER. Whose time is most productively spent?

I looked at your link. It depicts a classic example of the unbelievable amount of expert fiddling (and novice agony) required to accomplish what should be a simple task. Those of us in the Apple world are accustomed to better. Seriously, you’re offering this as a solution?

Why don’t you ask Apple to provide Let’s Encrypt support in Mac OS X Server? Or pay someone to provide a neat and simple Mac OS X Server integration tool for Let’s Encrypt?

That’s a good idea. Apple should support it.