How to use Let's Encrypt cert with Mac OS X Server services (CardDAV etc)

All of the OS X Server related help I can find is specific to https services. I would like to use a let’s encrypt cert for CardDAV services in OS X Server. Has anyone tackled this? I’m currently using a self signed cert :frowning:

Mac OS X Server manages certificates in a unified manner between its various servers. So the procedure to add a certificate for the CardDAV server is the same as for the web server.

Here's a handy guide to automating certificate installation on Mac OS X Server.

Note that this guide requires using the Mac OS X Server web server in order to present the http-01 challenge file so Let's Encrypt can verify your ownership of the domain you request a certificate for. If you are unable or unwilling to use that, you would need to adjust the certbot commands in the guide to use standalone mode or DNS TXT authentication.

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