Steps to Create Certificate

Could you please let us know how to create SSL certificate from this site. If any document is there to create certificate.

The documentation is here.


Dear jmorahan,

Thanks for the link. I could not understand the steps from that link.
Could you please let me know if any details steps there.

At what point did you get stuck?


Frankly telling I don’t know how to start itself.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me to understand where you’re getting stuck. Are you unable to understand some part of the documentation? Which part?


Maybe you should first clarify for what purposes (HTTPS, secure POP3/IMAP/SMTP/FTP) you want to issue a certificate and for which domain name.


I am trying to configure the ADFS in my server for this I have required the SSL certificate for secure connection(federation). So I need the SSL certificate.

What operating system runs on that server? Do you have any public accessible domain name?

Windows Server 2012 R2. Yes we have public accessible domain name.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about Windows (though there are several other folks here who do - perhaps editing your post title to include the word “Windows” would get their attention). All I can do is point you at the list of Windows clients in the hope that one of them will meet your needs…

Indeed, at the moment most of the software is very *nix orientated.

To help you understand, the proces of getting a Let’s Encrypt certificate is described here:

In short, you need some soft of “client” which communicates with Let’s Encrypt issuance server through the ACME protocol. The most logical choice would be a client running on the machine on which the certificate will be used, but that isn’t 100 % necessary. For example, the list of clients referenced above also lists a few browser-based clients. Do not however, with browser based clients who will calculate the private key for you, you can never be 100 % sure the private key isn’t leaked, unless you’ll carefully scrutinise all the code of the website and make sure no serverside code is used for the private key generation nor should it ever be send to the server of the browser based client.

if you would like more help then please take some time to formulate a question that would help others to help you. Some thing you could think about:

A) I know how to use language x
B) I have read article y
C In my environment i am thinking z would work because

etc etc


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