Currently “From: Status Notification” “Subject: Service Disruption” is what can be known of the notification message before opening.
Could you prepend [Let’s Encrypt] to the subject?



@cpu for more assistance


I don’t understand the question.

@szepeviktor Is that email subject the result of subscribing to the page?


Yes, it is.
No information it provided in it.


The authoritative page has all of the information available.


Thank you.
Is it possible to change the subject?


I think Service Disruption is from a field you enter.


I guess it should be helpful to include the term “Let’s Encrypt” at least somewhere in the e-mail notification, not being the body. Be it the “From” header or the “Subject”, some way of “filtering” the e-mail without reading the body itself makes sense to me.

Disclaimer: I don’t use the e-mail service from myself, basing my comments above on the info provided in the first post of the thread.


Thank you all for the suggestions. We’ll take this into account for future incident posts. We’re currently investigating what exactly is going on and will update the as we figure it out.


This is how the notification is received, no indication on whether it is coming from Let’s Encrypt or not.

It would be a great addition.


It can be customized as of this KB article


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