Standalone CertBot - cert server different from the server of the website where we want the certificate to be

Hi, I am interested in generating SSL certificate on my windows PC - and then install that certificate on the webserver.

Is this possible?

I don’t have access to sudo/ssh/command line.

I can only upload files to the HMTL public directory / thus I need something similar as zeroSSL.

When I run the certbot on my PC, I can’t find the file for the acme challenge that I am supposed to upload to webserver. Instead I just put in my domain name and it fails - because I didn’t put acme-challenge file.

Is it possible to generate SSL certificate without installing the certbot to the webserver where the certificate will be?

Thank you,
Kind regards

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Use --manual instead of --standalone, and it will prompt you with instructions, like ZeroSSL did.


That’s it, thanks a lot, it’s my first time using let’s encrypt.

For all the other people that want/need SSL:

  1. Download
  2. Run cmd with admin rights in C:\WINDOWS\system32>
  3. Run command certbot certonly --manual



Crypt::LE Windows binary - single file, no installation, no admin rights. Can be run it interactively:

le64.exe -email "your@email.address" -key account.key -csr domain.csr -csr-key domain.key -crt domain.crt -domains "www.your.domain,your.domain" -generate-missing -live

More documentation can be found here.

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