Staging partial database reset, 15 Nov 2021

In two weeks, on Monday 15 November, we'll be performing a partial database reset in STAGING. This is going to be more limited than the reset from 2 March, as we should only lose certificate and order data older than approximately 3 November. We will not be clearing account data, so clients will not need to re-register, and rate-limit exceptions for staging will continue to work as planned.

The effects of this change on clients using our staging environment will include, but are not limited to:

  • The staging OCSP responders will return “unauthorized” for all certificates issued before 3 November.
  • The staging API will return errors for both retrieval and revocation of certificates issued before 3 November.
  • Domains authorized by the staging API before 3 November will need to be reauthorized.
  • Point-in-time rate-limit calculations for the staging API will be reset.

There is no downtime necessary for this change.

We provide no data durability guarantees for our Staging environment, but we do take maintaining it seriously. This reset gives us another testing opportunity for data management, which serves our goal of keeping the production environment performant and scalable well into the future.

Thanks for your understanding, and we'll reply here when the change rolls out.


I've just finished the maintenance in the staging database; certificate and order data since 3 November has been cleared as planned. Account data and rate limit overrides have not been affected.

Thank you again for your understanding.