I foolishly didn't understand the ramifications of not using the staging server - can I get another chance?

I have been running into some issues as I add more automation by modifying a client.

I made some mistakes and kept testing but not knowing that I may be seen to be abusing this valuable free service.

Can I get another chance or now that I have been issued too many certificates, it is a black mark against me ?

I eventually got the staging stuff sorted but of course, I want to see the live https environment for integrity testing.

I still don’t fully understand what my client will do when the certificate expires either.

Can I ask to be reset in some way, due to my ignorance?

It’s a sliding window of exactly one week (7 days), so after that you’ll be fine.

Wonderful. I don’t want to cause any grief because I’m still finding my way around SSL.

Thank you. Nothing to do but wait now.

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