Staging environment usage

I am new to letsencrypt, and started to install the necessary on Raspberry pi.
Then using
sudo certbot certonly --standalone – http -d
After a few trials, which did not work, I received an error of too may requests of a given type. When looking to the letsencrypt website, it mentioned to use staging environment instead of production environment.
My question now is :
How can I relay my sudo certbot certonly…to the staging environment ? Which instruction do I need to use here ?
I am sorry if this question may be silly for experienced people, but I am stuck now, and try to do the right things.

Hi @Patsjemoe,

Just add --dry-run to your Certbot command. (You can also use --staging but this can produce more confusion later on by saving test certificates as if they were production certificates.)

The too many requests error should reset after an hour, so once you’ve figured out the problem using the staging environment, you can go back and get a production certificate.

Thanks for your quick reply

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