Can we set staging on different server than production


This question is more about how to setup non-production env using --staging using certbot ?
so, I have more than 200 domains hosted on production env. ( ip: ) , and I want to generate 2 cert for 100 domains each using -d option.

before generating cert for production I would like to test this on non-production with 20 domains and 2 cert of 10 each.

so I have created one more non-production nginx webserver ( IP: ) with virtual host entry of 20 domains (live domains) but those are pointing to production ( IP: )

In this case will cerbot with --staging generate the cert without failure ?

in other words can we have different server IP address than production while using --staging ?

otherwise I will have to buy some domains for testing and point them to non-production env (IP: )

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You’ll need separate domains for testing - the staging server doesn’t let you “cheat” the validation process.

You could also just “test in production”. While usually a bad idea, using --dry-run with Certbot will prevent Certbot from saving certificates to your server, while testing whether the issuance would succeed.

BTW, freenom is a great source of free domains for testing purposes.


I like the hyper-extended IPv4 subnetting !


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