Ssl/tls server supports certificate is not trusted

i scaned my website ( here
and here
both give ssl issue

this is the issue :

Risk description
The SSL certificate presented by the web server is not trusted by web browsers. This makes it really difficult for humans to distinguish between the real certificate presented by the server and a fake SSL certificate. An attacker could easily mount a man-in-the-middle attack in order to sniff the SSL communication by presenting the user a fake SSL certificate.

We recommend you to configure a trusted SSL certificate for the web server. Examples of how to configure SSL for various servers for Apache and Nginx are referenced.

Please install the missing intermediate certificate: R3
Redirects to
Missing intermediate TLS certificate

i wanted to add the pics but your forum don't let new users to embed pics.

how can i fix that ?

Your webserver is not configured to serve a complete chain.

What is your server? How is its TLS configured? How did you get your certificate (what acme client?)

Because different webservers require configurations in different formats, we need this information to help you fix your problem.


The solution was provided:


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