SSL sertificate problem in subdomain

Hi there, if one subdomain of my site has an SSL certificate problem, it will be google continues to show my site as secure, I need care about it?
Thank you

Hello Johan :slightly_smiling_face:

The certificate problem should only affect that subdomain and not any others. If that subdomain is shutdown or removed, you can ignore it. The remaining (sub)domains will still be secure.

Complete Certificate History
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Hi @johan1

if one of yor domains or subdomains has a certificate problem, you should fix that.

Users will go away.

Google is completely unrelevant. Google ignores (currently) certificate errors, but that doesn't mean you should have such critical errors.

Certificates have to work.

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Sometimes domains don't really have an SSL certificate problem but instead the content is being loaded using a mixture of http and https, this can result in users complaining that the site says it's insecure when really the certificate is fine. You can also get problems if the cert is fine but the TLS protocols the server supports don't match what the client browser needs.

To check this, load the site that has the problem look at what the error message from the web browser actually is.

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