SSL renewal for multiple domains on same Nginx server

I have multiple domains running on the same VM and have added server blocks for each of the domain in /sites-available/default file. Nginx server and SSL certificates are allotted separately each one of them and I have placed the cron job for auto renewal of the certificates as I have placed all the domains in webroot.ini file .
Please guide is this a right approach of ssl renewal ?
Looking for the help. Thanks

Usually all you need to do is:

certbox --nginx -d -d
certbox --nginx -d -d

etc … and Certbot will automatically handle the renewal and installation of your certificates.

Your approach could be correct as well. To verify everything is working as required, you can use:

certbot renew --dry-run

If that reports OK (and fake-renews all your domains), then you’re all set.


What is a webroot.ini file? What does it contain? Where’s it located?

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This is letsencrypt configuration file which requests SSL certificates without user interaction and its location is /usr/local/etc/le-renew-webroot.ini.
It contains the list of domains of which SSL you intended to get renewed.

What Let’s Encrypt client are you using?

I have been using Certbot.

How did you make this webroot.ini file and what are its contents?

@schoen This is a executable shell script which checks the renewal of certificates.

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