Hi all
I am exited about learning more about SSL.
I have a Qnap NAS Apache web server today. I can manage that, but when it comes to SSL i understand how it works and why, but that’s it.
I have 4 web domains. All domains are handled at and redirected to my NAS web server with fixed IP. This is where I would like to change HTTP to HTTPs.
All 4 are done with Wordpress and I need SSL to all of them. There is a plugin “Easy HTTPS Redirection” that, as I understand it, will redirect/connect one SSL certificate to several Wordpress platforms. My web server can only handle ONE certificate.
I can do the configuration in Apache system files, but only if I have real examples and guidance. I know how to work with Putty.
So my question is: Any tips on where I can read more about this OR, even better, information with instructions on how to do to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.
Hopeful of answer.

Hi Jan,

Have you seen the tools and tutorial at ?

You should be able to perform all of the required actions via SSH/putty. It also mentions how to include all of your domains on a single certificate.

Doesn’t look like the most elegant tool but seems to have all the required parts, and an active maintainer, which is what counts :slight_smile: !

Unknown to me. Will check it out. Many thanks.

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