SSL Offlaoding on AWS ELB

I am looking to create cname entries for my customers to use my portal, I am planning to deploy app on elastic beanstalk. As elastic beanstalk only allows one cert to be deployed, what could be workaround to have multiple cnames to work through it, each having its own ssl.

ELB does allow you to deploy multiple certificates, as long as you use an “Application” ELB and not a “Classic” ELB. I don’t know if that’s compatible with Elastic Beanstalk. Judging by this, since the setting name is “SSLCertificateArns” - ARNs, plural - I’d guess that it is. I haven’t found any examples, though, and I don’t use Elastic Beanstalk myself.

If you can’t get it to work, another option is that you can get a single Let’s Encrypt certificate covering up to 100 domain names. Beware of the rate limits if you choose this route though.

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