SSL not work in main Domain

I have a VPS for hosting websites with WHM/Cpanel and Support Letsencrypt … when enable ssl for any domain it work with sub domain only , when visit the website can’t get Https ??
Please help


Hi @rashid

what's your domain name?

Checked via

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.750 D 200 0.803 H 301 2.050 B 200 4.154 B

Your https works. You have one valide certificate:
29.01.2019,,, - 4 entries

You don't have a redirect http -> https. So if you open your http - version, that looks like there is no https configured.

But cPanel should have an option to add such a redirect.

Same with your second domain. No redirects http -> https, but a valide certificate.

And with your third domain.

To check such things, a browser is sometimes not so good. Redirects and HSTS are saved. But your certificates are good.

Unfortunately... cPanel does not have such options on its user panel (at least not from a normal one)...
You'll need to dive into .htaccess in order to add such.

Thank you

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