SSL Limit for Server and Domains

We are running a free hosting platform with DirectAdmin but for the last 1 year users are facing issues on LetsEncrypt Installation. Its because of Rate limits on the Domain name and Server but as its a Free Hosting platform we are getting large numbers of installation requests on the same server around 500/Day

Are there any possibilities to remove these limits?

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Hi @youstable, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

There are several ways to overcome such a limitation.

  1. Apply to have your domain added to the Publix Suffix List (PSL)
  2. Use a wildcard cert to cover all possible name combinations (one entry per defined name field).
    [note: LE SAN field is limited to 100 (domain and/or subdomain) entry maximum per cert]
  3. Provide more domains for users to chose from - spread the load (each adds 50/day/domain).
    [Divide and conquer!]
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It may be possible to request a higher "Certificates per Registered Domain" limit. Look at the "Overrides" section of the Rate Limits documentation:

Also, just as a side note, with an integration on that scale make sure you've read through and understand the Integration Guide:


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