Ssl for subdomain on the same hosting

I am new here and ı am not sure if ı am opening the topic on the right category...

I have a website that already has an ssl serficate provided by letsencrypt (provided free by my hosting company)

Now ı need an ssl sertificate for my subdomnain that is on the same plesk hosting panel.

I dont know where where to start

The thing is ı am not using my hosting's nameserves so that they say that they cant provide ssl for my subdomain and they recommend buying a paid sertificate. Before buying a paid one ı wanted to try and see if it is possible to provide a free ssl for my subdomain by letsencrypt.

my actual domain is

ı need ssl for

what are the steps please



Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Since and are both hosted on the same server at, you should be able to secure with either this cPanel wildcard certificate:

or this Let's Encrypt certificate:

Do you really want a subdomain? It's very unusual to have a www secondary subdomain. It is fully possible to get a Let's Encrypt certificate for that subdomain. I just want to be sure that's what you really want.

You would need an A record for pointing to for starters.

This cPanel certificate already covers


Oh my god I wasn't expecting such a quick answer :slight_smile: thanks a lot in advance...

I couldn't understand your statement

  • Do you really want a subdomain? It's very unusual too have a www secondary subdomain.

Well i don't necessarily want a 'www' at the beginning of my subdomain it is not important at all... With 'www' or without 'www' no problem.

My server has a plesk panel

My domain is on Google domains and i use GoogleDomain's nameservers by default. And the domain has A record and Cname records that points to my current hosting.

My hosting company says that they can't provide an SSL for subdomains that uses google domain's nameservers. They suggest using their nameservers so that they can provide a free SSL.

But i want to use Google Domains' nameservers. They provide an SSL for the main domain that already uses google nameservers, but they can't provide an SSL for subdomain because I use Google's nameservers.

And i actually added A record for my subdomain and the site is accessible but no SSL...

İ Hope i have been able to express myself clearly...

So in this case do you recommend this link

(Sorry I am on mobile right now will check the links on desktop)

Thank you very much for your response...

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