SSL for non-web non-public applications

I have two applications that require SSL certs that are NOT web applications and are NOT publicly available but both of which require SSL PEM files.

One is a program called InterMapper and the other is a mail program called SurgeMail. (SurgeMail can support Web but that is not how the SSL is used and the doesn’t webroot is not publicly available.)

Is there a way around this?

I'm not sure if you should call it around something. Let's Encrypt certificates are perfectly fine for non-web applications.

The non-public part however might. You definitely need a publically accessable domain name / hostname. If you do have a domain name / hostname in your control, you can use the dns-01 challenge to get a certificate.

Hi @MikeLieberman

who uses these applications? And how? With a browser?

Or is only the internal app communication the problem? (App as own client and server)

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