Install The SSL in local websites

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I work in a big company we have a lot of web base software now i want to install the SSL on all this web base application please help me
Let’s Encrypt can’t do this???

Why not?

As long as the domains are using public suffixes (TLDs), you can issue certificates for them and install them on private networks. You may need to use DNS validation in order to achieve that.

Thanks for your response
Sorry What’s TLDS
and please give more information i did not get it

What’s an example of a domain for your web-based software?

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For example in our private network we have [http://checkweb/test] now i want to change it in https

So all this web base software located in one windows server

If the domain is literally checkweb, then no, you can’t get a Let’s Encrypt certificate for this.

You can only get certificates for domains that are part of the public DNS system. For example, domains ending in .com, .net,, .app, etc.

Your only real alternatives are to either:

  1. Change checkweb to a real domain, or
  2. Run your own private certificate authority within your organization, or use self-signed certificates.

Sorry i cant set a domain for this software localy

are you here?

Demanding immediate answers on a forum is a good way to get ignored. But no, what @_az has been telling you is that, in order to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt (or any other certificate authority), you must be using a public domain name.

I set a local domain and I can use http:// now i use Certiry SSL but when i open the application i get this error "Certify SSL Manager service is not started.Please restart the service

Right-click on the Start menu, choose Computer Management, then in the left pane open up Services and Applications and click Services. In the right pane, locate the Certify service and double-click on it. Make sure it set to Automatic start so it starts after reboots, and then click the Start button to start it now.

Here we have a lot’s of application which application i have to select it

In services in don’t hvae the SSL Manager what should i do???

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