SSL for Dyndns Sites

I am using several letsencrypt certificates for websites that I run at my server at home.
For example
My problem is, that my provider hosteurope doesn't forward the to
I am really bad with IP...
My (simple) question is: what kind of provider / contract would I need to get a forwarding from an https internet domain to my private dyndns sites?
Do I have to store the ssl certificate with the provider?
Is there a documentation how to do it?

You said your provider is hosteurope, but the DNS servers responsible for your domain are within which implies your domain is registered with GoDaddy. Is that the true or is hosteurope perhaps reselling GoDaddy services? When you need to modify DNS records for your domain, do you do it from hosteurope or GoDaddy?

Ultimately, you can add a DNS CNAME record for that points to But that won't work for the apex domain. Some providers offer a pseudo-record sometimes called an ALIAS record that does work with the domain apex. But GoDaddy isn't one of them.

You shouldn't have to store any certificate related things with your DNS provider. Certificate stuff would only live on the system actually hosting your content unless you have a CDN or other proxy sitting in front of your actual server.


I don't know if hosteurope is just a reseller, looks like it. I will ask them tomorrow.
I can't change the dns record only a directory or the redirection I put in.
Looks like my contract doesn't allow it.
Is there another provider, who would allow me to do what I want?
I just need the redirection from to
An iFrame might work too, but my current provider won't let me edit a page.

That looks like you are doing a sort of URL redirect and only for your apex domain name.

Can you setup actual DNS records? Like having an A record for both your apex and www domain name?

I saw this page for HostEurope


I'd stay away from iFrames.

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This works!
Never found those settings. I put a CNAME record for my other site and it redirects correctly.
Thanks a lot!


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